For over 15 years we have been providing hockey arena products to
hockey rinks, disbributors, cities, towns across Canada and USA.

Offering a full line of quality and professional products
to run your arena smoothly 7 days a week.

* CLA Approved Lacrosse frames with netting
--service provided to string netting using white aircraft cable
* Hockey frames with netting & pads - 24", 34", 40" & 44" deep in stock
--service provided to string netting using white aircraft cable
* Minor hockey frames prestrung with netting

****ALSO we pick up your old frames, remove the old paint,
repaint and string netting and pads

* Plastic sheets --Arena boards - adboard panels (all thicknesses) & kickstrips
* Tempered glass (stock all standard sizes) - glass carts & glass handling devices
*  Plexi-glass (13mm & 16mm) & 12mm lexan
* Ice paint, paper & cloth line kits
* Ice cleats, skating bars & flooring
* Arena hardware - hinges, latches, cane bolt assemby, anchors, castors
* Hockey transporter for both lacrosse and hockey frames (one will do all)
* Shooter tutors
* Ice Scraper * anchors (metal & plastic)
Arena Resources Corp.
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